HP of NVRP 132X, July 24, 2022


Not feeling like getting out of bed this Sunday, I lay there resting with daylight. Asking my hub what time it was, it was about 9:30 a.m. If I am to get better, I knew that I had better go hiking. On the local bump, the flag and register had disappeared last March, and I had glass jars for containers saved from groceries. I hammered nails to create ventilation holes in the lids, so condensation could escape by evaporation.

Loading the materials into my pack, I took off for diet soda at the local fast food, and saw it was not getting too hot too early. Motoring to the park parking lot, I sauntered up the usual trails and enjoyed feeling invigorated. With a breeze, I made it up to the top, where I placed the new register and cleaned up old debris. Running into two other hikers on my way down, we chatted for a short bit, me complaining about no hiking partners.

This would be my hike for the morning, and I may hike again come the cooler evening. I motored back to the local fast food for more drink, as it was now getting warmer and I had no canteen for my hike. Back home, it was to webwork, and to kill time before venturing out again. With plenty of diet soda, I sat at the computer, enjoying the tech that I owned.

With little to do, I motored for another French dip sandwich. I determined that it was possible for a hike this early in the afternoon, but decided to motor back home. Going out again with plenty of cold drinks, I had my mental health special at the organic salad bar. With water, I cruised on over to the Huffaker Hills TH where it wasn't so bad. I had it in mind to use a large pickle jar for a new register container, but the sizable books wouldn't fit. A pall of smoke drifted over the area, with the California fires raging. Back to the car, I had a cold can of lime water, and stopped to shop for a new register container for this peak.

My move up to Reno was well fitting. Not as hot during the day, I can still hike in the late morning and early evening. If I lived back in Sacramento, I'd have to leave town for the mountains, which with my old peak buddy, we did a lot. Mostly we'd be trapped indoors, and burning carbon emitting fuels, with constant a/c. Not as well foreseen by me is the smoke from the forest fires which often rage all summer. I'm too poor for a long road trip, and with no companions, it's a lonely effort.

Looking like I may be also trapped indoors due to poor air quality, I may be doomed with my ailing health. My fate rests with the climate, and to get hiking exercise, or to just lie in bed, bad for my mental health. I'm not an avid gambler, so any time spent in a casino would be short lived. They don't provide ops for people watching or relaxing for free. My old buddy stated to cruise the malls, but I can't be spending a lot on new clothes. I have tons of enviro clothing yet to even be unpacked and worn. I could sip drinks, but this runs into money.