Thorton Point 74X, Rattlesnake Mountain 102X, Twin Peaks, July 23, 2022


Perhaps with the assist of a natural sleep remedy last night, I got up more ready to go at about 7 a.m. To diet soda, I had the energy to motor to the local fast food where they were now open for dine-in. I had a light breakfast with plenty more diet soda, then took off for the East Keystone TH to bag Thorton Point 74X. Nice in the morning, I took my time getting up the hill, with a rest on rocks. Four other hikers up there I directed to sign in my book, and I had a nice time in the breeze atop the point.

Nobody will ever help me with my illness, and if it takes loads of caffeine to get energy, I'll do so. Yesterday, after being discharged from the mental health hospital, I had laid in bed all day, only to get up to consume some groceries and watch a bit of TV. Seems after a hike, I have no further energy, and my exhaustion keeps me in bed. Time will only tell for me if I get energy, versus exhaustion to keep me in bed all day.

Back to my car, I determined to get another good night's sleep with more bump bagging. Motoring to the Huffaker Hills TH, the outhouse hadn't been replaced, so I used my pee bottle. The temperatures were yet cool enough, so I set out to bag the Rattlesnake, with rest. There were new cairns about the road and summit area, and I had a restful, interesting time looking through the register book. Some looked to attest hiking was good for mental health. This did work for me in the past few years, but for how long I can keep up hiking, I am now past 70 yo.

After resting in my car with a/c, I did Twin Peaks, with another look at the register. Someone had placed a new book, with my older cover page taped in. There was a warm breeze, and nobody else about. I did my photos, and started down sluggishly, but plodding on. Back to the car, it read 104 degrees outside, but my other devices said much cooler. I rested with the stats on my Watch saved, and then I proceeded to another fast food for drink.

Not tired at all, the providers never gave me any antidepressants, maybe for fear of any more suicidal thoughts. I have to take it day by day, and maybe to chat with a therapist in the week to come.

Enroute home, I got some light food, and home, took a shower, and got to webwork. My software says that few if any even visit my site, and this is discouraging. It is busy work for me, and should I pass on, no one will ever miss me. My offers for company for money are never seen, and nobody was ever interested in all the peak hikes that I did last summer. Please stay tuned for any information on my future condition, and it'd be so nice if anyone were to message or chat with me. I post on social media, to get zero interest, and never any messages.

My recent hospital bills would be in the tens of thousands of dollars were it not for my government paid health plans. Though I'd give a lot for fixing what ails me, I am of limited income, and I only have so much equity. I'm informed that I can get a therapist, and any help is better than none. Back several years ago, I got better on my own, with my new camera to stimulate me to go traveling and hiking. Looks as if there is no pill to cure me, and with nobody to chat with, I stay ignorant.

With some restless energy after a couple more diet sodas, I figured for a double whammy to my affliction, at least by recommendations on the Net. Motoring many miles to the organic salad buffet, I had a heap of fresh, leafy, organic greens. With a can of cold diet soda, I motored back to the Huffaker Hills TH to bag the Rattlesnake 103X. The evening breeze kept it nice, and I reminisced about the pretty girls on a couple of the local Club hikes.

Aside mostly from barring me from commenting on their Meet-Up pages, and the threat to do violent damage to my camera should I try to snap someone's photo, I never was banned as with the Sacramento group. Though now with their re-opening after Covid, I doubt that I'd ever attend anymore of their activities. Being attacked by the Los Angeles peak section, with accusations of offense and slander, and the assertion that I'm trying to get rid of registers, never has anyone ever spoken or messaged me about what I've really been doing.

It's mainly the former chapter in Northern California that I speak of doing bad things. They litter, hate, degrade the sport of downhill skiing, not to speak of the carpools to the cathouses that are all some of them attend the peak climbs for. I've been violently attacked three times, and most all of these perps have been happily elected to their highest positions. Myself ordered not to mention climate change, many of the officers drove their gas guzzlers, and so all who will ever chat with me hates Teslas.

The Club's enjoy, explore, and protect is an active fraud. True exploration in the form of my own personal peak bagging and road trips is disallowed, and they hate all of the technical or semi-technical sports. I rock climb, ice climb, ski mountaineer, and so they forbid such events.