HP of NVRP 139X, August 6, 2022


Staying in bed till I heard that the Reno temperature was about 72 degrees, I drank diet soda and departed to the local park where geese were feeding or resting. It was a bright, sunny day, really nice then for a hike. I ran into one other hiker, then summited with plenty of photos. The register was fine although with no other sign-ins than me for several days. I stopped many times on the way down for photos of lizards, out in force today.

Somehow bits of plastic lay on the trail at one point, I feared from my old register container, blown quite a ways from the top. I had my pack on, with a shopping bag to act as litter bag, so picked all of them up. I declined drink afterwards at the fast food, as I think they don't like it that I return for two refills of diet soda, at least at one of the franchises. Not real hungry, it was a Saturday, so after 4 p.m., they serve Chinese food at the casino eatery. I did patronize a local restaurant in the last couple days, much cheaper than the casino.

Expecting a delivery of more printer ink, I'll be producing more business cards. Hiking with the cool breeze made me think of how good it is to enjoy life, not to end it all. With still time to get into shape for bigger peaks, I think of Mt. Rose, Ellis Peak, Tioga Peak, Sonora Peak, and a few other easier summits. Peak bagging was more fun with a good group, and safety then is supported. I refrain from longer drives, as my 4 extra car seats go wasted with just me as driver. It appears that no venues for such ever invite or even allow me, but I'm now slow and sluggish on the trails. I imagine overweight or out-of-shape hikers may tag along, to then turn back. This leaves me to go for the top solo, which slightly compromises my safety. Hikers do drop dead on a hard peak, but I know now at my age, I can turn back. No shame in this at 70 yo!

With some spare time, and wishing to resolve a movie issue, I called the tech support line for my computer company. The problem is with a flashing black screen which ruins my videos, but not all of them. I was told by the dash cam manufacturer to use third party software. Complicated, it will take some time before I learn it, so no videos for now on my website. Maybe the issue will resolve itself, or I can get new hardware sometime.

To be frugal, I made more rigatoni with alfredo sauce, and perhaps to dine on something else later today. With my movies and music, I have no issues right now with home entertainment. I'd rather be sharing my sights of scenic drives, but I suppose with the huge file sizes with very high speed downloads necessary, nobody ever views my 4K dash cam or regular videos. I like it that they are all available to those who choose it, and I used to fondly review old memories of being on the road from just years past.

When it seemed to start to cool down for the evening, I motored to the organic salad bar and took $10+ of food. In no big rush, I had diet soda and chilled water in my car. The peak went nicely, and I took plenty of photos as usual. Then, it was to get won ton soup at a local restaurant, so I went over budget once more. Back home, it was to webwork and relaxation.