Donner Peak 17X, Thorton Point 78X, HP of NVRP 136X, August 2, 2022


Surprised by my wake-up energy, I dashed over to the local fast food for food and drink. I had packed hastily for a Sierra peak, and forgot my pee bottle. I had to pollute a small bit, but with numerous animal scat on the trails, I wasn't so concerned. The display of wildflowers prompted me for a record, with the peak passed by. My weak goal for the hike was Donner Peak. Two girls said that they didn't see any register, so they must have not been to the true summit. I had some steady scrambling to gain the top, and the register was there! I proceeded with a complete photo record with plenty of time. Nobody else was going for this summit, and I made it on down and back to the trail.

On the return along the PCT, I was worried about losing my balance. My heavier day pack perhaps was pulling me back? I had not worn it since the last summer, and also the trail was full of rocks. I took my leisurely pace, and like a drunkard, I was on medication. Back to the car, I had seen many hikers, with larger groups.

I sought to have inari (tofu pouch) at the restaurant which closes at 2:30 p.m. I made it in time to leave by closing, otherwise I'd have ordered a regular dish. Cruising the main street of Truckee, if not for more exercise that I felt good about, I sure enjoyed showing off my car. Zooming eastbound on Interstate 80, I enjoyed the sight of big clouds, and I did get rain. Exiting on West McCarran, I used a restroom and had the four wings special. I wanted food energy and some rest to bag Thorton Point 78X, with one other car at the trailhead. It was too good of a day to just return home. Oh, how much more fun it'd be with friends!

Hydrating at the local fast food again, it was now much cooler, so my 136X ascent of the local bump made for photos. The register was fine, and this point is a good goal for fitness minded people. On a past hike from home, my Watch recorded some 700 calories burned for a person like me. My Watch had gone to low power, so I lost the data for this time, but I have so much screenshots of my Watch over the years, the approximate stats can be discerned.

With no pack, and good trails, I didn't have any balance issues, but class 3 might be the end of me. Home, I got to webwork, and trying to get better organized. When I'm enabled to use new software, I wish to post more 4K dash cam videos. Though it seems my movies refuse now to play on phones or tablets, they still work on computers, at least Macs.