HP of NVRP 135X, Thorton Point 77X, August 1, 2022


Perhaps tired and at my age, I stayed in bed to about 3:30 p.m. Before my medical treatment, I'd have slept all day. However I gained some urge to activity, so motored to the local park trailhead to bag the highpoint of the park 135X. It was an overcast day, so the conditions were right for T and shorts. I then motored to the local fast food for diet soda and fries. I had the time, so also had another French Dip, and the au jus cup was cold, but I didn't speak with any help about this.

To the East Keystone TH, I encountered a good strong breeze, but not so cold as to don extra outerwear. Not many users today, and I stepped aside for downhill running mountain bikers. To the top rock, I had to be careful not to stumble or lose my balance, with the strong breeze to potentially cause some injury. With another solo success, it was to motor back home to do webwork.

Hopefully, I'll start to get awake early enough to motor to the Sierra Crest to bag some easy peaks. Being retired and with zero friends or much interest in my posts, I do as I feel like. Last summer was nice, but then I lost my well-being come the cooler weather. I've never been invited to any party or social gathering of peak bagger minded hikers, as my monetary offer to bag the Sierra 4th class listed peak with me goes ignored. If I should ever finish the Ogul list 4X, I'd pay all expenses for a casino buffet celebration, but nobody wants any part of it.

My future may be brighter than I see coming. The electric truck is due next year, I now have Tesla insurance, and investments may skyrocket. I'd think that I could bump bag to say 75 years of age, and with my high-tech home, entertainment and information will be aplenty. I do have to have my newest doctor sign me off on my meds for my drivers license again, but hopefully this won't be so hard. With a driving safety score of 98, my September premium will be some $55/mo.

By doomsayers that I follow on my TV, we're all in for a massive collapse economically, and though my assets are in my home, what could happen. Nothing looks very rosy except for bulls on my stock holdings, and with luck, I can buy a new computer with good upgrades. Near out of storage and trying new software, my 2014 computer needs replacement. My 4K movies take up a lot of disk space, and I don't know how to store the library on an external drive, if that's at all possible. You need high speed to download the movies, and then there's the unjustified software company warning. I give away a wealth of travel data, but as usual, no one's interested.

Getting hungry after the post of the peaks, I made bacon with eggs. I have my budget for plenty of good food, as this keeps me happy. I've offered free meals and not cheap ones if hikers would come to me for peak bagging interests, but only a very few ever took me up on this. They all never came back!