HP of NVRP 142X, August 10, 2022


This Wednesday was a beautiful day, but I woke up too late for any Sierra peak. Quaffing two cans of diet soda, I motored the mile or so to the local park parking lot. Emptying my system into the outhouse, I started with setting my Watch for a workout. Stopping for photos of the many lizards, I'm glad with my Nikon camera that I am enabled to do this. With blue skies, and a cool breeze, I'd stick about home this day. With the usual views of my other bump bagging goals, I sauntered on down, not seeing any other hikers.

Home, it was to drink and webwork. My last two grocery bills totalled some $210+, so to lessen dining out. In the middle of the day, I pan-fried chicken wings. For health, I then got a plate from the salad bar, on my way to the Huffaker Hills TH.

Cool enough with an evening breeze, I ascended the bump, with jets taking off to be captured in one of my photos. Back to my car, a cyclist commented to me that he sees me here a lot. I gave him my business card, although not looking like a good potential for peak bagging. When I first moved to Reno, I messaged a hiker/biker fellow to team up with, but he stated that he can't video chat. With random reasons why not to ever team up, I gave up. I really didn't know who it was that I was messaging, and this person refused a free meal at the best restaurant, like a social media prankster.

Cyclists are common to see in the area, as peak baggers are extremely rare. Nobody ever messages me by the social media Thousand Peaks Club, despite my placing the registers and posting my business cards. Some of the hikers back in Sacramento used to say that they were forced to hike. I just post my planned trips in the Club schedule, and I don't control who signs up. I put down the peaks destinations, and if they hate hiking, I don't go poking them with my ice ax. The Club here hates peak bagging, so I don't waste my time. If free meals, lodging, and rides don't get anybody, so must be the general hiking public.