June 5, 2013: Interstate 90 east to St. Regis, MT, MT 135 to MT 200 to MT 28 northeast, Flathead Lake, U.S. 93 north to Kalispell, MT

Sleeping well, I had some business to do. Breakfast, then looking about some back-up. There was a computer rental op, so I went there to see if I could do that. Only two PCs, but there was a chance. Talking with the help, I am unfamiliar with some operating systems, but I’d pay plenty to get my data onto my portable drive. Again, the issue was with card reader compatibility. It wouldn’t do it. With an updated and good machine, I’d have paid $100 for this to be done, but I was out for a few minutes on my payment card for rental time, with frustration only.

The fast food help had advised me of the nearby bank, where I used the ATM at a good low fee, so I went back for more food and to commend them for five star service if I were to post a review. So, it was to Interstate 90 eastbound, and to the Rockies, even the Plains. Scenic, with photos ahead.

I stopped at Lookout Pass to change my clocks, with coffee and a break, seeking some hiking ops, but saw none. I had seen Kellogg and Wallace, ID, already, but now it was to new roadways, and another short hike and views.

At St. Regis, MT, I sought information, but the visitor center was signed closed due to budget. I went back for gas, and declined to take more time to go to any ranger station, although my last time here, they were good. Taking MT 135 north, there were stops with views, and then I ran video, scenic as it is. Passing through the small hamlet of Paradise, MT, I had to adjust my camera. Better with a dash cam, but I am so poor. It was to MT 200 north, with more nice views, then to the junction with MT 28 east. At a store, I took a rest break, buying some Montana branded coffee for something to get. Also some bottled water, special for the area.

Over a pass, the country was nice, and lesser traveled. I took photos ahead, and occupied my time from falling asleep. Approaching then Flathead Lake, I stopped for an elevated view, then ran video as I came to the U.S. 93 junction.

This is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It claims to be the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi, Lake Tahoe having its outlet dam. I motored northward, with photos, then arrived to the West Shore State Park. A short hiking op, with a potential view. I paid the self serve fee, having camped here in 1999. I drove to a roadhead, then backtracked to another trailhead. Using the facility, I started a loop hike. The trail goes to the top of the hill, about 3,200+ feet elevation, and this is exotic enough to count as an ascent. Some count hills in San Francisco parks, hardly 50 feet of gain, so I’m lowering my standards, and remembering this park as a worthy visit.

At a table on top, I set my camera to do video, with my usual jig or dance, a thing to do with the Full HD. Continuing along the trail, it descends and circles to about by the highway, with road noise captured on audio, and more sights of nature. Coming to a road bed, I hiked along with a drop to the shoreline, peaceful and nice views, with my declining a somewhat precarious use trail along to a further view. Waves lapped on the shore. Hardly nicer, in Montana.

Passing by the campground, I had reasonable lodging and dining to do in Kalispell, MT. Back to my car, I cleaned the windshield, and motored on north on U.S. 93. There is a boat dock with views, and a bike trail. Another nice place to live. Leaving the lake, I stopped at a viewpoint before the level expressway and the MT 82 junction, then zoomed along at high speed. The speed limit in Montana is 75 mph, but I’d do some of that later on.

Coming to my motel in Kalispell, some skateboarder claiming to be a vet I thanked for his service, and spoke with for awhile. He suggested Swan Lake for a visit, but I have to rest, and had little time. I had another long drive ahead, the next day, and more hiking. Going out at magic hour, there was a high rated eatery in the old part of town, and I entered to have dinner with drinks. Not busy, I had a lot of food, with two dishes, and stuffed myself.

With the usual tip, I left at dark to look at a computer service outlet, taking more photos, then departed for the motel. I researched more of my route and what to do the next few days, with new territory to cover, and seeing that I would not be able to cross the Northern border legally, having just my drivers license, with recent new restrictions.

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