June 4, 2013: Spokane, WA, Riverfront, Downtown, Interstate 90 to Coeur d’Alene, ID, Tubbs Hill

Up at a good hour at my motel, I had made an appointment for an oil change and inspection at the car dealer in Spokane. My car needed service, and my oil looked to be dirty and low. I checked maps and zoomed over to a fast food for a quick breakfast, then drove to the nearby auto dealership, right on time. They took my car, and so I went to admire the remodeling and modern building, thinking of living then in Eastern Washington State.

They had it done, so I left for the Spokane Riverfront Park. I went to the parking lot, and was accosted by some person claiming to be a med student with no gas money. Some aggressive pan handling, if that. Knowing well that disgruntled people will inflict damage on your property if refused, I gave the guy a small bill, saying that’d get him home, and he said where could he get me to pay me back. I replied to donate it to charity, some green cause, and he left, so I felt safer with my car. In the past, my tires would be deflated, and I didn’t need this now. I have no pressure cans, so I’d be had for a few hours.

Parking then on the street, I fed the meter, and walked into the park for photos. There was the fountain, and the placid parts of the Spokane River. The Sky Ride was to open at 11 a.m. That gave me barely time for my parking time limit, but I waited for them to inspect the tram for their opening. It was almost twenty minutes before I was allowed onto my own car, as others wished to stick with themselves, and there are continuous rides giving the photo op of the Spokane Falls. I started with video from my newest camera, letting it run, as you’ll get the full experience then by my video, aside from a delay from people paused to enjoy the falls view. You can stand and shoot through an opening, and so I did, with other cameras.

Finished with the ride, I hurried back to my car, and I had no ticket. I went back to the high rated restaurant for more food, with a dollar more for the meter. With time, I went about Downtown, and the computer company store. Wishing for back up, I asked about how to do this by a laptop, and they didn’t know if it supported my memory cards. Slow, with indifferent help, by some. I surmised that the laptops would soon be updated, but I got no offers of any deals. Weighing the risk of a card failure and the expense of recovery versus a back-up solution, I declined supporting a feeble sales department, and had to leave.

Beelining to Interstate 90, I debarked for Coeur d’Alene, ID. I’d decline seeing Post Falls, having been there beforehand. My car was good for another 6,000 miles, with few service ops between here and Salt Lake City, UT. Lots of traffic. I had to get gas, then motored to the Coeur d’Alene lake shore, with fee parking.

Wandering about, there were people in swimwear, and few in the water. I took photos of the art, and then went up the pier, with fun venues like paddleboats and parasailing, even a seaplane flight. I was game for an aerial ride with video, but the windows are sealed and the tint is perhaps too much for my computer color correction, risky for the $60 or so for a 15 minute flight. Safety looked to be an issue with a WW2 vintage craft. Others filled up the seats, so I left, and wandered back to my car.

I now wished to do a hike. I did some searching for the parking, going up a likely road by my maps, then found a good parking lot with facilities. Taking my time, I’d hike about, and climb to the top of Tubbs Hill (2,503’). Doing a circle of the park, I took the shoreline trail clockwise. Good sights of the lake, shortly. I took photos with panoramas, then came to the side trail up to the top. Birds cawing, so I did video and audio, and one photographer showed me his pictures of an osprey.

Hiking to the top, I had it to myself for a short time, then others went by. Descending the same way, I came back to the shoreline trail, and continued clockwise, with vistas and views at multiple points. Other hikers, and people swimming and enjoying. I caught sights of the resorts, then the new construction below, and then completed the circle with a high trail, some guessing as to the way.

Late in the day, I got to my motel, with a good rate. Big savings compared to the resorts. I used my tablet to look for fine dining, and went out at magic hour to cruise a street looking for one spot. It took time, so I was disallowed service due to the closing times. My alternate choice was another high rated eatery, open to 10. Finding it and getting a table, they suggested filet mignon. On impulse, I accepted, and it came slightly pink as I ordered well done, but I enjoyed it, tender and flavorful meat. The help chatted a bit, and I had to leave as it became past closing time, with then some people loitering at the door, but they left before I did. I felt safe enough, but you never know.

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