June 13, 2013: Interstate 80 west to home

I was up to get free motel coffee at 5 a.m., and savored my freedom and coming successful finish to my road trip. I had more photos and video than ever on any trip, and I was to save them all. Checking out, I went over to the fast food for breakfast, and would not be too tired going the long distance home.

Video occupied my time speeding along at 75 mph, with good smooth roadway. I set my camera pointed at me while driving, to do rants and explaining my trip. Video notes as I motored along, no cell phone, but with some mental occupation. I suppose authorities will look at what I was doing, and I know some get upset as I take pictures as I’m driving them, but I have had law enforcement sitting right next to me as I did this, and with no arrest or reporting. Best to have a dash cam, and as soon as I can get and afford this, I may or will.

The towns went by, passing through Elko, then a break and drink stop in Carlin, and a detour about the Carlin tunnels. A rest area made for a few photos. Battle Mountain, then gas in Winnemucca, with photos all along the way. Smoothie in Lovelock, and then more video to take up my time. I had to ration my cash, now. Coming into the Truckee River Canyon, I slowed for a bit, and put away the video. The new freeway through Reno was so beautiful. If I had known, I’d have mounted my camera on my dash or mirror to get what I saw.

I had to pick up my repaired belt pack at the enviro clothing store. It was told to me to be ready for pickup a couple days before. I had the repair tag, so gave it to the help. Shopping, I found a new parka for rain, and other items. They’d have a sale in August, and not on the coming holiday, so I had them hold the belt pack till then to spare delivery emissions. It was not ready. Spending then about $200 for new things, I charged it on my credit card, and made ready for the final leg of the trip on home. Back into California, I put away my camera, with heavier traffic. Ag inspection allowed me through with no delay, with my sauce and coffee from Montana, all sealed, packaged items. Going over Donner Pass, there was a delay from blasting, and I was free to do video of the halted traffic, a welcome back to the state.

In Nyack, I got food and gas at 4.279 to get me home, then whizzed through to arrive to my street by mid-afternoon. I carried in my things, safe and a bit weak, though, finishing with my trip.


Starting my download, as I got to my computer, after powering up my electronics, it would take a couple days, with glitches. Four cards. USB 2.0. Some items didn’t load, and I had to go back to the card to find the files, mostly movies, and select them to load them. I had to then organize them, which takes time, with day by camera, so some three times 15 folders.

Bagging then 7 peaks or highpoints, with a few other short walks or hikes, with the town walking, it was calculated by maps and estimates to the tune of hiking about 28 miles total, with maybe 6,200 feet of gain. Driving 4,180 miles, I used about 108 gallons of gas, paying $409.15 total, on the road. Spending then about 1,100 dollars cash, I charged up some $522 for motels, $57 for the camping in Yellowstone, and $34.34 for my auto maintenance. So, about 2,065 dollars of total expenses on the road.

It looks to be 7,597 images and movie clips total. I never threw away receipts, and kept notes on my voice recorder. Maybe $100 in tips, then small donations and give aways. My image folder was about 114 GB in size.

Leisurely back to town, then, I didn’t get to all night work, relaxing and taking my time. It’ll be awhile to get all selected photos and movies to my website, and I need new hardware. I ordered one item to find it didn’t work, so some time wasted there. I went about my normal business in town, walking about, and eating and shopping locally. The routine of snapping photos and reading the news, with updated ops to further enjoy the high speed connections, and new entertainment. Absolutely no one interested or asking any details on my adventure.

To stick about home, I’ll do more fun online, and wait for computer ops as they come. I seemed to have lost a bit of weight, slimming down enough to fit into a size 33 inch waistline pair of pants, but I’m back to eating well to support the dining ops about town. Tired, and catching up on sleep, I wake up early every morning, and have to tend to more business in straightening out my home life. I’m getting new things for my next trip already, and it may be months before I catch up on my website backlog, if ever. Many hikers delay for a long time to put anything online, to half a year, or more, so that I get stuff up that night as I return from a short trip is pretty good, by me.

Too many photos to stream, I will begin major movie work in earnest next week, and hopefully do it well enough, and if anyone should be interested in some sneak peek, my mail is working for initiating a video chat and then a slide show, all by my speedy connection.

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