June 12, 2013: Ogden, UT, Interstate 15 south, Salt Lake City, Interstate 80 west to Wells, NV

Waking early, I enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast from across the street from my motel. Seeking to get some cash, I motored over to 25th Street and the old part of Ogden, UT. Any free ATM use was defeated by a closed Federal building, so I parked along further, and strolled about in the early morning. I had been here a few years ago, and reshot the buildings and signs. I had something in mind for some peak hiking, but I have already done the good ones, and any more looked to be full days. The former USFS ranger station had closed due to budget, and another station doesn’t open till later on. I got back on the Interstate, and zoomed south.

Having dining and shopping in mind about Salt Lake City, UT, I had good directions in mind, by my maps, so easily took the right exit, and motored looking for the best parking for my purposes. I found a spot by some newly constructing high rise, and used my credit card to get an hour parking. It didn’t set for two hours, for some reason. I walked the few blocks to get cash, but the ATM was in another courthouse, and there was security. I had my packs and cameras, so emptied my pockets into a tray, ready to go through, but there was some time issue, then my pepper spray, so I backed out and didn’t get my cash. The town city hall across the way made for photos, and so I walked in a loop back to my car.

Motoring off, my dining op didn’t look too good, so I went for more parking and got a spot next to the City Center. I ventured into the new mall, taking photos, and strolling about. Using a restroom, I found the computer company store, and wanted to see the new computer that would be my probable next. It is not ready yet, and it isn’t due to ship till “later,” so I had to be satisfied with online depictions. I wondered about a new laptop, but I would be home in a day or two, and my memory cards had held up. I’d have to set it up in my motel, to download my work, and then be some theft risk as I left my car somewhere, but I was in no mood to explore in Nevada, say, further, and though I had a grudge peak to the south, Delano Peak, I was now set on heading home.

I had cancelled and reset reservations for lodging easily, so would be heading west on Interstate 80. Getting on the Interstate then, I zoomed west at the usual 75 mph to get gas and drink, and well use the restroom before going over the salt flats. The Stansbury Mountains made for a sight, then I made a stop at the last rest area before the salt flats.

Bored, I handheld video as I zoomed along, with blue sky and clouds, doing a video log as I drove, with sparse traffic, to be safer. I came to Wendover, UT/NV, one of my favorite lodging ops, and went by the visitor center for information. There is a Danger Cave, a glyph site, but I shot the center displays, and will leave it for another time. Nothing much new at the airfield, by the good help.

Back onto the Interstate westbound, I did more video, with few cars, and now I am used to doing this. I’d do more the next day, as it keeps me from falling asleep, and my car is good, having once previously tested it to 90 mph with no tire failure. Passing Pilot Peak, I was crossing over the Pequops, and then into Great Basin valleys. My last stay was in Wells, NV, and I shortly came to the town, and checked into my room. A banner announced improved Wi-Fi, delighting me, and I rested before going for a meal.

Walking over to the casino truck stop, I ordered some soup and salad, and I had it in mind for a deluxe end of trip dinner, then, in Reno, NV, the next day. It came without some items listed on the menu, but I ate it, then mentioned the missing things to the waitress, who then got the manager. He gave me a discount on the meal, explaining that there was new ownership, and they didn’t change the menu, then.

Going back to my motel, I rested and used my tablet, using then about 600 MB, for the trip, of cellular on my data plan, so much of the 3 GB goes to waste. For dislike of being a bandwidth hog, I don’t download whole movies, and I don’t have time to watch them on the road. There is to be highly faster Wi-Fi standards, so I suppose in some time, providers will get with it, and will I enjoy connections, and perhaps utilize these businesses more often.

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