June 11, 2013: Interstate 15 south, Willard Peak Road, Ogden, UT

Up early, I declined to see historic Pocatello, or do any hiking or sight seeing here. I had my breakfast and got gas. There had been the computer company new product release, and I now knew what I wanted. A high end computer for home, and a new laptop for on the road back-up and use. New software coming, and it will be excellent.

Zooming at 75 mph south, there were sights ahead, but I started to grow tired already, and needed more sleep. I had to take a rest at Malad Summit rest area, then figure on what to do. Stopping for a sandwich, a rest break and free coffee at a highway travel center came up with information about a drive to the top of Willard Peak, which was said to me to be possible with a passenger car, now. I looked at my maps, and decided to give it a try.

Navigating to Mantua, UT, I found the peak road, so took it on up. It turned to gravel and steeply wound on up. I started to have doubts, but continued as it might mean a summit, and there are mountain goats up there. Running into sport truckers, they advised on the road ahead, and then another driver stopped to say that I wouldn’t make it. It got rough just ahead, then there was snow. I believed this, so did a U and motored slowly back down. Maybe, in ten years maybe, I’ll have high clearance electric and so can come back to do this, even with pleasant company to get to the named Inspiration Point, and a peak highpoint.

Back to the Interstate, I was tired. I couldn’t drive further, with some lack of sleep. I used my app to get a room in Ogden, UT, then got to it early, and rested in my room, with a/c and surfing with my tablet. Charging up all of my devices, this had been somewhat of an issue while camping, but I had figured it well enough, so didn’t get to any situations whereby I didn’t get any crucial information online due to a depleted battery.

Walking over to the fast food down a few blocks, I had some salad, and looked for non alcoholic beer at a pizza place, but they had none. I rested more, with a long drive home, and so about 15 days on the road. I wished to get my work onto my computer, and rest up well, without more delay, and tend to my hardware needs.

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